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Being passionate about cars, the team at DJP Motors take on repairs and servicing of a wide range of vehicles, providing honest and impartial advice where required. You can rely on our team for efficient and professional repairs at very competitive prices - and you can trust that we'll never look for unnecessary work as we're 100% dedicated to saving you money.


Have you considered bringing your vehicle in for servicing? Whether you're planning a long journey, or it's simply been a long time since your car last had one, a service can do wonders for the way your motor runs and can reduce your repair bills in the long run.

Keep your vehicle in check with our friendly team

  • Full diagnostics

  • Interim and main services carried out

  • Engine rebuilds

  • Electronic parking braking systems

  • Welding and fabrications

  • Wax oil and underseal

  • Carter for tyres and balancing

  • Electronics

  • ECU and ABS pump repairs


For more information or to book an appointment, simply contact our friendly team in Starcross near Exeter for a quick chat.

Specialised motor services from DJP Motors :

"Really high standard of work! I wouldn't go anywhere else. Everything was explained and broken down easily so I could understand and it's a really friendly environment - first class."

- Poppy Shirley

Call us or visit our garage in Starcross, Exeter, to benefit from the experience of expert mechanics who care for your car as much as you do.

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